About us

How we got started

In 2012, a group of six landscape designers friends organized an exhibition in a dilapidated greenhouse complex at the Koningsweg in Utrecht. The idea: asking attention for the undeveloped land on the outskirts of Utrecht, where fruit and vegetables for the city were grownfor centuries. On this day a pact was concluded between the group of friends and the owner to revitalize the historical agricultural grounds and bring food closer to the city dwellers.

Our mission:

Connecting Utrecht with local healthy food

What do we need to change the negative consequences of the current food industry? How can we affect people and their awareness about ‘Good Food’ and the way we eat?

A countermovement against the current food industry is growing. We are seing more and more local products in our restaurants and shops, urban farmers conquer public spaces inthe city and food collectives are being organized. 

Koningshof is stimulating this countermovement by organizing different events which increase food awareness and creates discussions. 

Workshops, koningshof to go, excursions, markets, events, movie nights and debates.

Meet the team


Growing vegetables is in my blood. As a baby I lay in a vegetable crate between the lettuce while my father was harvesting. Later I took over the family business. I like to share my lifelong knowledge of growing vegetables with you at Koningshof.


Connecting people to local and healthy food makes me happy. I am committed to providing you with a special food experience. Come by on Saturday and enjoy Koningshof. The coffee is ready…


With Koningshof, I proudly present a contemporary interpretation of an age-old family tradition. I learned how to grow vegetables from childhood from my father and grandfather. An experience that I would like to share with you.


Functional, solid and aesthetic; these are the three pillars that my designs consist of. I design and build all elements at Koningshof, from fence to sowing table.


I have made my profession of natural processes, permaculture and biodiversity. This is how I learned bee keeping from my father and applied it to Koningshof. Come along to meet the three bee colonies at Koningshof.


From a young age I have a passion for everything that grows. I grew up on a tree nursery with many special fruit trees. At Koningshof I have been able to translate my passion into fruit orchards with special varieties.

Our annual reports

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2018 policy available here